Air logistics

Air transport is a vital component of many international logistics networks, Regardless of the shipment size, KNLS provides world-class air freight services to its customer & partners around the world

Ocean logistics

KNLS offers a wide range of ocean frieght and transportation services. we handle shipments of all sizes, from full container leads to less-than container loads special equipment, and oversized cargo.

Ground logistics

As a experienced logistics solutions company, we provide the best ground transportation service to our clients with true visibility of their shipment. In addition our state-of-the-art tracking mechanism fulfils all ppossible compliance requirement such as POD and IFRS related material.

Freight Forwarding

KNLS is a on-stop solution for all freight forwarding & logistics needs including air freight ocean freight, land freight, heavy machinery, project cargo and more.

Warehousing / Distribution / Cross Docking

Comprehensive logistics solution only happens with an amazing warehousing and distribution service. KNLS believes that an impeccable supply chain process will only take place if both transportation and warehousing is under the same root to ensure accountability

Temperature controlled and Fresh Delivery

Temperature controlled transportation within North America is due to the various quality and standard practices. In addition, companies are moving across provinces as well as countries to optimize the cost, therefore with temperature control our customers can be assured of fresh delivery for perishable items regardless of outdoor weather fluctutions.

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